Imarand, the Tale of the Twin Worlds

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Merchants & Trade

In both worlds of Terria and Ianna traders, merchants and caravans keep the coins rolling. The Madilar ships sail the seas, taking on any cargo for the right price. Sha caravans moving from town to town trading any goods they picked up or made during their journeys. The magical arms merchant trying to get an new load of magical swords through the portal to his shop in Mag Mell. They all stop by the trade houses or merchant guilds to buy or sell their goods.

Trade Houses

With any notable city of village you will find trade houses or merchant guilds. Depending on the needs of the city they will pay good coin for any traders bringing the right goods. Likewise do these trade house make coin by exporting goods, that a town has in excess, selling it themselves or trading goods with other merchants.

Trade houses only buy or sell items in bulk and depending on the size of a city the traders have limited amount of coins for the trade. As a rule items that are imported have a maximum of 125% the base prize, depending on the negotiations skills of the players (Diplomacy, Bluff or even Intimidate). For exporting the trade houses will never go lower than 75% of the value of the base item.

An Example:
Alice is importing 1200 lbs lumber into Mag Mell at one on the merchant guild, after a difficult negotiation they settle on 110% of the base value. The base value of lumber is 1 sp per lbs, thus Alice will get 1320 sp for lumber.
With the profit Alice tries to buy fox pelts (leather goods), and manages to get the price down to 80% of the base value. Instead of 3 gp per pelt she buys them for 2 gp and 4 sp.
Wealth by Population
Population Trade House Wealth
Metropolis 500,000 gp
Large City 100,000 gp
Small City 35,000 gp
Village 7,500 gp
Thorpe 2,500 gp
Necropolis 12,500 gp

Each city On Terria or Ianna imports and exports depending on their needs, and each town is different. Take in to account that the government, religion and alignment of a city may shun certain items where others might welcome them. An Evil aligned city might be open for slave trade where in a good aligned city this would means imprisonment for the trader. A lawful city might restrict the trade of narcotics, ale or tobacco, a dictator could block the trade of arms and armor and the churches might block the trade of books of certain magical items.

What a city imports and exports are divined in but limited too the follow categories: ale (including spirits and wine), arcane goods, arms, armor, books (including scrolls), cloth, common goods(any mundane item), exotic goods (spices, spell components and alchemical items), fish, fruits (any plant fruits), furnishings, gems, grain (any produce from the farms files), jewelry, leather goods (including pelts), livestock (any animal), lumber, marble, ore, pearls, pottery, refined metals, shields, slaves, stone and finished goods (any thing falling out side the common goods category). See the trade goods table for the prizes of specific items.

Trade Goods
Price Item
1 cp Rat, wheat (1 lb.)
2 cp Beans (1 lb.), cheese (1 lb.), chicken, flour (1 lb.), potatoes (1 lb.), turnips (1 lb.)
3 cp Charcoal (20 lbs.), citrus (1 lb.), nuts (1 lb.), peat (20 lbs.)
5 cp Coffee beans (1 lb.), coal (20 lbs.), masonry stone (1 lb.), sugar (1 lb.), lumber (1 lb.)
1 sp Iron (1 lb.)
5 sp Bone (1 lb.), copper (1 lb.), garlic (1 lb.), mint (1 lb.), mustard (1 lb.), oregano (1 lb.), thin leather (1 sq. yard), steel (1 lb.), tobacco (1 lb.)
1 gp Allspice (1 lb.), basil (1 lb.), cinnamon (1 lb.), dill (1 lb.), glass (1 lb.), goat, honey (1 lb.), maple syrup (1 lb.), nutmeg (1 lb.), rosemary (1 lb.)
2 gp Beaver pelt, chilies (1 lb.), cardamom (1 lb.), cumin (1 lb.), fennel (1 lb.), ginger (1 lb.), pepper (1 lb.), sheep, vanilla (1 lb.)
3 gp Brass (1 lb.), bronze (1 lb.), fox pelt, mink pelt, pig, thick leather (1 sq. yard)
4 gp Ermine pelt, linen (1 sq. yard)
5 gp Marble (1 lb.), salt (1 lb.), seal pelt, silver (1 lb.)
6 gp Wool (1 lb. or 1 sq. yard)
8 gp Cotton (1 lb. or 1 sq. yard)
10 gp Chocolate (1 lb.), cow, darkwood (1 lb.), silk (1 sq. yard)
15 gp Cloves (1 lb.), ox, saffron (1 lb.)
20 gp Obsidian (1 lb.)
50 gp Cold iron (1 lb.), gold (1 lb.)
100 gp Alchemical Silver ( 1 lb.)
300 gp Adamantine (1 lb.)
500 gp Mithral (1 lb.), platinum (1 lb.)

See the Equipment page for more information on the more special trade goods.

Black Markets

There will be always be goods that can't be sold through the trade houses, due to restrictions or nature of the goods. If one wants to sell a restricted items, he must go to the black markets. Any large city or larger has at least one. And it takes DC 20 Diplomacy or Knowledge (local) check to find one.

On the black market the same rules apply for buying or selling items. But for the players it will be an very hazardous place to be. Most of the DC's on the black market to influence the trader to get a better prize will be higher.

Magical Items

Trade on both worlds is very similar, but the trade in magical items is very different.


On Terria, arcane items are rare, not unheard of or more expensive but due to the fact that there aren't that much arcane spell casters. Most merchants wouldn't take a magical item from the player, due to mistrust in the arcane. For these reasons if the player try to sell magical items on Terria they only get 40% of the value of the item, in stead of the normal 50%. Buying of magical items on Terria isn't more expensive, that normal but finding a vendor is hard and the vendors tend to have a very limited stock.

These exception don't apply for the cities of Mag Mell and Pantasia.


On Ianna, magical items are user in every day live and are ready available, they aren't necessary cheaper, but prizes are negotiable for any magical item up to 1100 gp. A good trade can talk 20% of the price of the item. There the player will get their normal prize if they sell an item and most merchant are well stocked with magical items.

With the opening of the portal a trade on mundane magical items like feather tokens, ever-burning torches and lamps has taken flight. These items are made in bulk and follow the trade house rules as stated above.

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